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Gk Quiz Today Govt Jobs Exam Preparation 2017 -Railway SSC Bank Defence jobs 2017 | Dear Readers will find Latest General Knowledge GK culled from ..

Gk Quiz Today is suitable for Govt Exams aspirants preparing for various upcoming Exams 2017  , this article of  Gk Quiz Today is specially designed for those students who are preparing for Various competitions like Bank exams, SSC Jobs examinations, PCS State Services Exams, UPSC Competitions, Railway Recruitment Board Govt Jobs Exams,  State Govt Jobs Exams 2017, Central Govt Jobs Exams, PSUs Jobs Exams in 2017 18 :


Latest GK Quiz today Govt Jobs Exam 2017 18

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GK GENERAL KNOWLEDGE — FIRST in India ,World,Awards, Sports , Days etc

gk haryana today-80 MCQs 


Latest G.K Current affairs Quiz June 2017


   JUST RELEASED >>  Latest October Current Affairs MCQs Quiz 30 Questions and  answer

This particular quiz is based on previous question paper of CDS & NDA Exams 2017


A*. Colour vision in human eye is the function of photoreceptor cells named

  1. rods
  2. cones
  3. blind spot
  4. fovea

B* Which one of the following statements is not correct?

  1. All proteins are enzymes
  2. Mostly enzymes are proteins
  3. All fats are energy rich compounds
  4. glucose is a common carbohydrates

C* Sugarcane is one of the important cash crops in India. It is grown to obtain

a. starch




D*. Which one among the following is the correct order of tiger reserves situated from North to South in India?

  1. Corbett- Simlipal-Sariska-Periyar
  2. Periyar – Sariska- Simlipal-Corbett
  3. Corbett- Sariska -Simlipal –Periyar
  4. Periyar – Simlipal- Sariska-Corbett

E* Which of the following are correct with regard to Indian Monsoonal Rainfall?

  1. Largely governed by the topographical features
  2. Regional and seasonal variations in the distribution of rainfall
  3. Heavy downpour resulting in considerate runoff
  4. Beginning and end of rain is regular and on time

Select the correct answer using the code given below

  1. 1 and 2
  2. 1, 2 and 3
  3. 3 and 4
  4. 2, 3 and 4

F* which one of the following Himalayan rivers does not originate from across the Himalayas?

  1. Indus
  2. Satluj
  3. Ganga
  4. Brahmaputra

G* The headquarters of Eastern Railway zone of Indian Railway is located at

  1. Bhubaneswar
  2. Kolkata
  3. Hajipur
  4. Guwahati

H* which among the following countries is the largest trading partner of India in external trade for the year 2015-16?

a.United states of America

b.United Kingdom

c.United Arab Emirates


I* Which one of the following statements regarding King Krishnadeva Ray is not correct?

a.He was a great scholar of aTelugu and Sanskrit

b.Foreign travellers Paes and Nuniz visited his court

c.Barbosa praised him for the great justice and equity prevailing in his empire

d.He wrote his magnum opus Amuktamalyada in Sanskrit.

J*Which of the following was not a feature of the subsidiary alliance of Lord Wellesley?

  1. The British were responsible for protecting the ally from any external threats.
  2. All internal threats were to be handled by the ally alone, with no help from the British
  3. The ally was to provide resources for maintaining a British armed contingent stationed in its territory.
  4. The ally could not enter into any agreement with other rulers without the permission of the British

K* Which of the following are the major coal reef areas of India ?

1.Gulf of Kachchh

2.Gulf of Mannar


  1. Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Select the correct answer using the code given below

a.1 and 3

b.2 and 4

c. 1,2 and

d.All of these

L* which of the following regions is/are not known for cotton-textile industry?

  1. Mumbai-Pune region

2.Madurai-Coimbatore region

3.Dhanbad-Jamshedpur region

  1. Indore-Ujjain region

Select the correct answer using the code given below

1.1 and 3

  1. 2 and 3
  2. 1,2 and 4
  3. only 3

M* Which one of the following States does not have the headquarters of any Railway zone?

  1. Jharkhand
  2. Chhattisgarh
  3. Odisha
  4. Bihar

N* .Radon is

  1. an inert gas
  2. an artificial fibre

3.an explosiv

4.a metal

O* which of the following elements is used in pencil-lead?

  1. Zinc
  2. Lead
  3. Carbon (graphite
  4. Tin

P* Who among the following is one of the authors of the book ‘Philosophy of the Bomb?’

  1. Bhagat Singh
  2. Jawaharlal Nehru
  3. SuryaSen
  4. Yashpal

Q* Which of the following statements about the Chittagong group is not correct ?

  1. Its membership included a large no. of youth including Ganesh Ghosh, LokenathBaul and Anant Singh
  2. Its leader Surya Sen had been a lawyer in Dhaka before joining the group
  3. SuryaSen and his group were closely associated with congress work in Chittagong.
  4. This group had prepared an action plan to occupy the armouries in Chittagong

R* which of the following was a significant feature of the Quit India Movement?

  1. Women did not play an important role in the movement.
  2. Nasik in Maharashtra was an important regional base during the movement

3 . It was marked by the anti-zamindar violenc

4. It was marked by emergence of parallel govt. in different parts of India.

S* Which of the following was not feature of railways in colonial India?

  1. The main purpose of the setting up of railways in India was to serve the interest of the empire.
  2. British capital investments were invited with 15% guaranteed interest to be paid if necessary from Indian revenues.
  3. The construction work distributed ecology
  4. The construction of the railways was planned in such a way that it connected the internal markets with the ports, but provided no interconnection between internal market cities.


T* which colonial administrator made the following declaration about the partition of Bengal in 1904? “ Bengal united is a power. Bengal divided will pull in different ways”.This is perfectly true and one of the merits of the scheme.

  1. Lord Curzon
  2. HH.Risley

c.Lord Minto

  1. Sir Lancelot Hare


U* Who launched the Bardoli Satyagraha on  Feb . 4,1928?

a.Mahatma Gandhi

b.Vallabhbhai Patel

c.Rajendra Prasad

d.Kalyanji Metha

V* which of the following Princely States did not support the congress during the course of civil disobedience movement?

  1. Bhavnagar
  2. Mysore
  3. Junagadh
  4. Kathiawar

W* Name the calligrapher in Akbar’s court was honoured with the title ‘ZarrinKalam’ or Golden Pen

  1. AbulFazl
  2. Tansen

3 Muhammad Husayn

4.Muhammad Kasim

X* Polynucleotide chain DNA contains

  1. a nitrogenous base, deoxyribose sugar and phosphate group
  2. . a nitrogenous base, ribose sugar and phosphate group
  3. . deoxyribose sugar , ribose sugar and phosphate group
  4. . a nitrogenous base and phosphate group

Y* The process of copying genetic information from one strand of DNA into RNA is termed as

  1. translation
  2. transcription
  3. replication
  4. mutation

Z* Most viruses that infect plant possess

  1. single –stranded DNA
  2. single –stranded RNA
  3. double –stranded DNA& RNA
  4. double –stranded RNA only

A** Bleeding of gums , falling of teeth , fragile bones and delayed wound healing occur due to the deficiency of which one of the following vitamins ?

  1. Vitamin C
  2. Vitamin K

3. Vitamin D

4. Vitamin B

B** Suppose voltage V is applied across a resistance R . The power dissipated in the resistance is P. Now the same voltage V is applied across a parallel combination of 3 equal resistors each of resistance R . Then the power dissipated in the 2nd case will be

  1. P
  2. 3P
  3. P/3
  4. 2P3

C** For which one of the following does the centre of mass lie outside the body ?

  1. A fountain book
  2. A cricket ball
  3. A ring
  4. A book

D** The PH value of a sample of multiple distilled water is

  1. zero


3.very near to

4.very near to 7

E** Which of the following is the most characteristic property of an element?

  1. density
  2. boiling point
  3. mass number
  4. atomic number

F** Plum Pudding Model for an atom was proposed by

  1. Antoine Lavoisier
  2. Robert Boyle
  3. Ernest Rutherford
  4. JJ Thomson

G**The ratio of gross cropped area to the net sown area is called

  1. cropping intensity
  2. intensity of crop rotation
  3. crop productivity
  4. cropping diversity

H** Kwashiorkor disease in children is caused by

  1. sufficient carbohydrates but less fats in diet
  2. sufficient carbohydrates and fats but deficiency proteins in diet
  3. sufficient vitamins but deficient fats in diet
  4. sufficient fats but deficient vitamins in diet

I** The mammalian heart is myogenic and it is regulated by nerves. The heartbeat originates from

  1. sinoatrial node
  2. QRS wave

3 T wave

4.heptic portal system

J** Consider the electromagnetic radiations having wavelengths 200 nm,500 nm, 1000 nm. Which wavelength of the following can make visual sensation to human eye?

  1. 200 nm and 500 nm
  2. 500 nm and 1000
  3. 500 nm only
  4. 1000 nm only

K** A parallel place capacitor of capacitance C1 is made using 2 gold plates. Another parallel plate capacitor of capacitance C2 is made using two aluminium plates with same plate separation , and all the four plates of same area. If pg and pa respectively the electrical resistivity of gold and aluminium then which of the following relations is correct ?

  1. C1 > C2

2 C2> C

3.C1 pa = C2p g

4.C=  C2

L** With regard to project tiger which one of the following statements is not correct ?

  1. it was launched in India in the year 1973
  2. the objective of the project is to preserve the habitats and tigers there in as natural heritage.
  3. the project emphasised to ensure viable population of tigers in India
  4. there are no tiger reserves in north – eastern part of India

M** Which one of the following statements with regard to the Indian Railways is not correct ?

  1. The Indian rail networks have been developed throughout the Konkan coast.
  2. There is very low density of railway lines in the Himalayan region.
  3. The north Indian plain has a dense network of railway.
  4. At present, India has the largest railway network in the world.

N** Which of the following statements with regard to the Mediterranean agriculture is / are correct?

  1. The Mediterranean agriculture is highly specialised commercial agriculture.
  2. it is intensive subsistence agriculture dominated by wet paddy cultivation.
  3. it is primitive subsistence agriculture.
  4. viticulture is a speciality of the Mediterranean region.

Select the correct answer using the code given below.

  1. Only 1
  2. 2 and 3
  3. 1 and 4
  4. 1,3 and 4

O** Tsunami waves are the undersea occurrence of earthquake exceeding 75 on richterscale . Which one of the following statements  regarding this is not correct ?

  1. it often generates strong waves.
  2. The pacific coasts are most vulnerable to Tsunami waves.
  3. Tsunami waves are also called high energy tidal waves or seismic sea waves

d Tsunami is a latin word.

P** which one of the following with regard to Aridisol, one of the soil orders, is not correct?

  1. lack of water for plants during most part of the year.
  2. high organic matter
  3. large accumulation of carbonates at depth
  4. absence of deep wide cracks

Q** The chemical properties of an element depend upon

  1. the no. of isotopes of the element
  2. the mass no. of the element
  3. the total no. of neutrons in the element
  4. the no. of electrons in the outermost shell of the element.

R** The  molecular mass of sulphuric acid is 98. If 49 g of the acid is dissolved in water to make 1 litre of solution, what will be the strength of the acid?

  1. 2 normal
  2. 1 normal

3. 5 normal

4.  4 normal

S** Which one of the following statements with regard to Jet stream an upper level tropospheric wave , is not correct?

  1. it is narrow band of high velocity wind
  2. it follows the wave path near the tropopause at elevations of 8 Km to 15 Km
  3. Jet streams are typically continuous over long distances.
  4. In summer , the polar front jet achieves its max. force.

T** Rand / Zar is the currency of

  1. rurundi
  2. libya
  3. sudan
  4. South Africa

U** The sensitive information leaked in August 2016 , concerns which one of the following defense platforms of India?

  1. 5th generation fighter aircraft
  2. combat helicopters


4.unmanned aerial vehicles

V** How many medals were won by India 2016 summer Olympics?

  1. one gold and one bronze.
  2. 2 gold

3.  2 bronze

4  none of above

W** Which one of the following statements is not correct in respect of SAARC?

  1. headquarters is in Kathmandu
  2. china is the only country with an observe status in SAARC

3. the first SAARC Summit was held in Dhak

4.The 18th SAARC Summit was held in Nepal

X**Goods and service tax likely to be levied in India is not a

  1. gross value tax
  2. value added tax
  3. consumption tax
  4. destination based tax


Sr.No. Answers Sr.No. Answers Sr.No. Answers Sr.No. Answers
A*. B Q*. B G** a W** b
B*. A R*. D H** b X** a
C*. B S*. C I** a
D*. C T*. B J** c
E*. B U*. B K** c
F*. D V*. C L** d
G*. B W*. C M** d
H*. A X* A N** c
I*. D Y* b O** d
J*. B Z* D P** b
K*. D A** a Q** d
L*. D B** b R** b
M*. A C**


c S** d
N*. A D** d T** d
O*. C E** d U** c
P*. A F** d V** a




 Latest G.K Quiz Current affairs 2017

Gk Quiz Today  [GK QUIZ 198] Latest G.K quiz Current affairs 2017

 Gk Quiz Today  [QUIZ 199]

A*. Till the end of 2016, the total number of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites in India is.

  1. 21
  2. 42
  3. 18
  4. 35

B*. NASA rediscovered India’s lunar spacecraft that was lost in the space during the past eight years, known as

  1. Mangalayaan-II
  2. Mangalayaan-I
  3. Chandrayan-II
  4. Chandrayan-I

C*.The union Cabinet has recently approved the setting-up of a Permanent Tribunal for resolving

  1. election disputes
  2. inter-state water disputes
  3. inter-state boundary disputes
  4. complaints from three services

D*. With the development of Terahertz (THz) Transmitter, it is expected to be faster than 5g mobile networks by

  1. two times
  2. ten times
  3. five times
  4. four times

E*. Which shoe company in the United States of America has won an IPR dispute against China recently

  1. Adidas
  2. Nike
  3. Reebok
  4. New balance

F*.Which of the following individuals was called a deceptive actor by China’s foreign ministry during March, 2017

  1. Donald Trump
  2. Dalai Lama
  3. Sirisena
  4. NarendraModi

G*.The Hubble telescope off NASA is located in

  1. NASA headquarters
  2. Space
  3. Iceland
  4. Canada

H*. According to the Survey Report released by Transparency International during March, 2017 on India, the most corrupt are

  1. local councilors
  2. business executives
  3. government officials
  4. police

I*. Which country offered asylum seekers 1200 Euros to leave by withdrawing their application for protection?

  1. Germany
  2. Denmark
  3. Italy
  4. France

J*. India Emerged as ………… largest holder of the US government securities at the end of 2016

  1. twenty eighth
  2. twenty fourth
  3. twelfth
  4. fifteenth

K*. Among the following who was crowned as ‘Miss Supernational’ during 2016?

  1. AishwaryaRai
  2. ShilpaShetty
  3. Alia Bhatt
  4. SrinidhiShetty

L*. COIN, a software programme developed by JP Morgan, supports

  1. Bitcoin
  2. financial accounting
  3. interpreting commercial documents
  4. robotic surgery

M*. The world’s first artificial intelligence lawyer, a robot, is named as

  1. Boss
  2. Watson
  3. IBM-LaBrain
  4. Ross

N*.The Happiness Index Department or a Wing has been established in the states of

  1. Madhya Pradesh and Goa
  2. Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu
  3. Andhra Pradesh and Sikkim
  4. Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh

O*. As on January 31, 2016, the highest number of Law colleges were present in

  1. Madhya Pradesh
  2. Uttar Pradesh
  3. Maharashtra
  4. Andhra Pradesh

P*. Among the following MLAs, who was disqualified by the Governor during January, 2017 under Article-192 of the constitution for undertaking government contracts?

  1. Srinivas Prasad of Karnataka
  2. PC George of Kerala
  3. Jayalalithaa of Tamil Nadu
  4. Uma Shankar Singh of Uttar Pradesh

Q*. Juno is the name of a

  1. atomic powered submarine
  2. hydrogen fuelled space craft
  3. solar powered space craft
  4. hydrogen fuelled submarine

R*. India’s third largest trading partner during 2016 is

  1. Kuwait
  2. Dubai
  3. Saudi Arabia
  4. UAE

S*. World’s longest rail tunnel is about

  1. 47 km
  2. 23 km
  3. 57 km
  4. 32 km

T*. The first country to have a announced euthanasia of a child

  1. Belgium
  2. Denmark
  3. Norway
  4. Finland

U*. The first elected civilian President in Myanmar is

  1. Aung San
  2. HtinKyaw
  3. Aung San SuuKyi
  4. KhinAyi

V*. Among the following, who has won the maximum number of titles?

  1. Srikant
  2. PV Sindhu
  3. SainaNehwal
  4. Gopichand

W*. In terms of steel production in the world during 2015-2016, India stood as

  1. second
  2. fourth
  3. third
  4. fifth

X*. The world Bank had cut India’s GDP growth for 2016-2017 to

  1. 7.6%
  2. 7%
  3. 8%
  4. 8.6%

Y*. How many billionaires India has lost since demonetization on November 8, 2016

  1. Two
  2. Eighteen
  3. Eight
  4. Eleven

Z*. Donald Trump is ……………. President of the United States

  1. 44th
  2. 45th
  3. 43th
  4. 46th

A-. World’s longest all women Non-stop Flight’ form New Delhi to San Francisco covering 14500 km was operated by

  1. Jet airways
  2. American Airlines
  3. Air India
  4. United Airlines

B-. Among the following professors of Indian origin who has received Knighthood for the work as a coinventor of next generation DNA sequencing called Solexa Sequencing is?

  1. Shankar Balasubramanian
  2. PC Mahalanobis
  3. MehnadSaha
  4. SatyendraNath Bose

C-. The first statue of a woman in Parliament square in England is that of

  1. Queen Elizabeth -II
  2. Mother Theresa
  3. Margaret Thatcher
  4. Millicent Fawcett

D-. Japan is threatening to drag India to WTO on issues relating to the export of its

  1. Tea
  2. Small Ships
  3. Steel
  4. Electronic goods

E-. ‘Scorpion kick’ is a phrase used in

  1. Kalari Fight
  2. Kung Fu
  3. kick Boxing
  4. Kabaddi

F-. Who has been selected for 2016 BC Roy Award?

  1. Dr. Jagat Ram
  2. Dr. P. Raghu Ram
  3. Dr. N. Bhaskaran
  4. Dr. J. Rajendra

G-. Which country 3D-Printed a home of 37 Sq m?

  1. Taiwan
  2. South Korea
  3. Spain
  4. Russia

H-. During 2017, which SAARC Country has notified the Right to Information ACT?

  1. Bhutan
  2. Afghanistan
  3. Sri Lanka
  4. Nepal

I-. The first Commercial Court and Commercial Disputes Resolution Centre was Inaugurated at

  1. Vishakapatinam (Andhra Pradesh)
  2. Mumbai (Maharastra)
  3. Ahmedabad (Gujrat)
  4. Raiput (Chattisgarh)

J-. The bowler who has claimed the fastest 250 wickets in Crickets test matches is

  1. RanganaHerath
  2. RavichandramAshwin
  3. Dennis Lillee
  4. Anil Kumble

K-. Immediately before Antonio Guterres was appointed the UN Secretary General in October 2016, he was

  1. Commissioner General of UNRWA
  2. United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
  3. The Prime Minister of Portuguese
  4. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

L-. Solar Impulse-2 is

  1. hybrid airplane
  2. solar powered airplane that completed the first around the world
  3. impact of climate change for overall increase of 2 degree centigrade
  4. solar powered ship

M-. Volvo has launched the world’s largest bus that can carry up to

  1. 260 passengers
  2. 300 passengers
  3. 150 passengers
  4. 320 passengers

N-. Name of the president elect of France who is likely to take the oath on May 14, 2017

  1. EmmanelMacrron
  2. Francois Fillon
  3. Marine Le Pen
  4. Francois Holland

O-. The top destination for domestic tourist in India for  the past three consecutive years has been

  1. Kerala
  2. Odisha
  3. Tamil Nadu
  4. Rajastan

P-.PrithviDefence Vehicle is

  1. the name of a single seated aircraft developed by HAL
  2. the name of an amphibious Naval vessel
  3. the name of India’s Nuclear Intercepter Missile
  4. the name of a newly developed tank

Q-. The Japanese Prime Minister who offered ‘sincere and everlasting condolences’ to the people of the United States for killing more than 2400 soldiers in the attack on Pearl harbor was

  1. Juniciro Koizumi
  2. Hayato Ikeda
  3. Kakuei Tanaka
  4. Shinzo Abe

R-. Who called the immigration the ‘Trojan horse of Terrorism’

  1. Donald Trump, President of the USA
  2. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany
  3. Theresa May, Prime Minister of UK
  4. Viktor Orban, Prime minister of Hungary

S-. The 2016 Nobel Peace Prize  was won by the President of

  1. South Africa
  2. Sri Lanka
  3. United States of America
  4. Columbia

T-. Which of the following country enacted a law during August, 2016 providing for the right to register the marriages of Hindus?

  1. Pakistan
  2. Afghanistan
  3. Iran
  4. Saudi Arabia

U-. Highest number of open prisons in India as on 2015 are in

  1. Maharastra
  2. Tamil Nadu
  3. Kerala
  4. Rajasthan

V-. India’s voting rights at the International Monetary fund increased form 2.3% to

  1. 2.8%
  2. 2.6%
  3. 2.5%
  4. 2.4%

W-. Which court has stayed the execution of death sentence of KulbhushanJadhav in May, 2017

  1. Supreme Court of India
  2. Supreme Court of Pakistan
  3. International Court of Justice
  4. International Criminal Court

X-. The first country in the world to have begun shutting down the entire Frequency Modulation (FM) radio network to be replaced by Digital Audio Broadcasting is

  1. China
  2. Unites States of America
  3. Switzerland
  4. Norway


Sr. no. Answer Sr.no Answers Sr.no Answers
A*. D S*. C K-. D
B*. D T*. A L-. B
C*. B U*. B M-. B
D*. B V*. C N-. A
E*. D W*. C O-. C
F*. B X*. B P-. C
G*. B Y*. D Q-. D
H*. D Z*. B R-. D
I*. A A-. C S-. D
J*. C B-. A T-. A
K*. D C-. D U-. D
L*. C D-. C V-. B
M*. D E-. D W-. C
N*. D F-. B X-. D
O*. B G-. D
P*. D H-. C
Q*. C I-. D
R*. D J-. B




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